Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Friendly Place

It was a grand long weekend around here these past few days.

Cindy came in to the city and we tootled around shops and restaurants for a couple of days because these things are always so much more fun with friends.

In this shot, she's talking to her mom back in Prince Edward Island, checking to see if her dad is watching the CFL football game that's going on in my backyard (well, practically) on Sunday afternoon.

I live just behind the stadium so we could hear the roar of the crowds on every play. It was a very tense game but the Riders came through in the end with a 26-24 win over the Stampeders. The Riders get to move on to the Western final in Vancouver this coming weekend. My fingers are crossed for them because I'd love to see them go on to the Grey Cup two weeks from now.

I'm not a die-hard football fan but I do enjoy a game now and then, especially if the Riders are doing well. And this is the best season they've had in a long time. Plus with the new house being so close to the stadium, there's no forgetting when the games are. I think it's fun. And Rider fans are pretty hard core, so if nothing else, it's great to people watch around here on game days.

Between travelling last week and company this weekend, there hasn't been a lot of crafting going on. However, while Cindy and I were in the bookstore, I managed to catch up on many of the latest knitting, spinning and quilting books.

I picked up these.

I love the one-skein ideas as I have many choices of yarn to use for these ones and get tired of knitting the same things over and over. And now that I have my spinning wheel with me again (I picked it up when I went up north), I am seriously looking forward to getting back to it.

Well, I guess I better get on with this day. So much non-crafty stuff to do and so little motivation for those things.

Happy Tuesday, Travellers, M

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Rob Feltham said...

It must be great to be in Saskatchewan during football season, being in Toronto everyone, even fans (if you can find them) are so blase. Well the riders won, now if only they can get past B.C.
An Argo-Rider Cup would be perfect.
Half-time show-Lenny Kravitz???
There is a ton of great Canadian musicians who I figure ould love to perform...oh well.
Good luck wth the decorating,it looks pretty yellow.