Monday, November 19, 2007

Michaelangelo, I Ain't

Seriously, the Sistine Chapel would never have been finished if it had been up to me. First, I am not fast at this. Second, I hate painting the ceiling. So Pope Sixtus was wise in choosing that other guy.

I'll understand if you're getting tired of home reno pictures. However, as this will be consuming my life for the next few years while, you might want to buckle in for a long ride or take the bypass to the next blog.

Over the weekend, I managed to finish the rest of the living room, unpacking and all. So here's the obligatory before picture, especially for my friend, Pat, who wants to see every step.

(Again the golden rod colour is coming out peachy but it was a very dark, dreary yellow. Believe me - dark, dreary.)

And now it is a bright, cheery, delightful green.

In other news, the Riders won the western final against the Lions!!! (Because I used to live in Vancouver, I have predictably emailed my friends there to gloat!) This means the team is off to Toronto to play the Blue Bombers in the Grey Cup! These two teams are famous for their devoted fans (because we don't have any pro-sports teams but football in either city) and Toronto will be inundated with prairie folk come next weekend. Go Riders!

And believe it or not, there has been knitting. Minimal knitting, but knitting none the less. See.

This knitting mostly gets done between coats of paint. Ever heard of "watching paint dry"? Well this would be the knitter's version. :)

Happy Monday, Travellers, M


Pioggia said...

Wow, I thought I had landed on some stranger's blog. I love the look, and I also like your re-decorated living room. I'm gland to find out that you're very happy in your new home.

joyce said...

I like your colour choice. THanks for dropping in at my blog.

Katie said...

Keep the reno updates coming! Renovations are just as crafty and anything else!

That colour works really well!