Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yay! Needle In Motion

I have been quilting! My quilty heart is celebrating! I am hand-stitching the Moda Sweetheart charm square quilt for my niece for Christmas. Just a simple outline of each of the squares but my fingers are so happy to be stitching.

I'm kinda burnt out on painting after this week and I haven't even finished the second room yet. I assume this is because I know all the rooms in the house have to be painted and my subconscious is rebelling at the thought. My inner rebel can be quite convincing sometimes!

To help me with all my creative pursuits this week, whether painting, knitting or quilting, I've been listening to some audio books from the library. So far, I have consumed these two:

I loved Haddon's novel and I can't resist Agatha Christie. Very enjoyable.

I also finished reading this:
I haven't read mystery novels for many years but the Mary Kruger books have been fun. It's also nice to read something that includes fibre-y backgrounds. This one was set in a yarn store and the follow up was at a fibre festival. Lovely!

I'm going to spend this snowy Sunday stitching and watching the Grey Cup this afternoon. Go Riders!!!

Happy Sunday, Travellers, M


joyce said...

The quilt is looking very good. I loved that Haddon book too. I borrowed his second one from the library but didn't like it much.

eyeleen said...

Beautiful quilt.

Pioggia said...

That quilt looks so warm and cozy... It's going to be a perfect gift.