Thursday, December 13, 2007


"I never did get the hang of Thursdays." (The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

This about sums up the fuzziness I feel today. It's been a good week but I can't believe it's been a week already. Crazy time warping must have been involved.

Things accomplished this week:

1) Soup making - Italian Bean and Pasta - a perpetual favourite at chez Sugar Bowl.

There was more soup, French turnip, and cookie baking and pies and other stuff, too. I only got the one shot, though.

2) Quilting for christmas of Danger-ous nephew

But need to incorporate Paddington Bear.

Not sure how to accomplish this at the moment and since it's Thursday, may not attempt until the day is over. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

3) Also got binding onto niece's quilt. No pix yet but nearly finished.

4) Job interviews. Had a few of those, too. Have another one later today so better get Thursday-ness under control.

5) Other things? Maybe. Can't remember at the moment. Check back tomorrow. Brain should be finished backing up by then.

Happy Thursday (?), Travellers, M


Nines said...

Thursdays can be like that. Maybe that's why I like them- I keep very low expectations! The soup looks great- "Good enough to eat" as they say in my house. And you knit. Makes soup and knits. The perfect person! Wish I could knit. I daydream about knitting. It just looks like so much fun. my great-grandmother, Oe- yep, that's her name, used to sit in her bed by the fire and knit one sock every night before going to sleep. That just sounds so... motherly. And I have a dog named Shadow. She's a nut but we love her- incorrigible. I don't know who she takes after! ahem. well, I hope you have a lovely weekend- best wishes on your job interviews and happy holidays! Thanks for visiting my humble blog! ~Nines

Jennu said...

When you have several job interviews in a few days, it can feel like every day is a Thursday. It's so hard to get anything else accomplished, so you should be impressed with your quilt progress.

I just went through an onslaught of interviews myself. Hope it works out the way you want it to!