Friday, December 28, 2007

Sweet Morning

I am a morning person. Not that I am especially bright, cheerful and social in the morning, often the opposite is true. I just like them. I like getting up early. I like getting two hours of stuff done before anyone else gets up, even if it's only laundry and letter writing. I feel like it has been a productive day when this happens.

Today, I got up and made these:

Then I brewed some tea in my new be-still-my-beating-heart gorgeous tea pot.

(Isn't he lovely?! He was a Christmas gift from Cindy and he came from Ten Thousand Villages. As far as tea pots go, it's a joy to pour from his little mouth-spout. No spillage, good flow, a tea drinker's dream. I grin every time I tip him over to fill my cup!)

I've also been knitting on a new beret. It's not really picture-worthy yet but I can tell you that it's made from two contrasting skeins of Noro Kureyon, knit in the round and I may felt it. (I need it for walking to my new job, starting next week. It's hard to find a winter hat that doesn't squash the hair down.)

As far as days go, this one is shaping up to be a fine one. Hope yours feels as good, M


eyeleen said...

Gorgeous tea pot! Very yummy looking cinnamon buns!

Katie said...

I hear ya, I actually function well quite late... but I love having time to do stuff before everyone is up. Or just sit and look out the window (even though I would bite someones head off if I engaged in conversation).

Now I'm working at 06:30, it's a get up and go - but I enjoy being at work that first hour when most of the lights are still off, there are only a few other people around, and it's quite even when it's busy.

love the tea pot