Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Curtains For You

New houses need certain things. Besides trying to fit in all the existing stuff, there are often a few touches that are unique to each abode.

For me, in the Sugar Bowl House, it has been curtains.

After painting my bedroom, this was my window covering:

A sheet tacked to the frame. It's not even a flat sheet but a fitted sheet. One that I used to cover furniture while painting walls. Bad, I know.

So this weekend I decided to remedy the situation. And it was almost free - fabric given to me as a gift from a friend, scraps from a quilt I made a couple of years ago, and the white eyelet was donated by my mom.

I love how pretty they turned out.

And they look so good in my bedroom.

In fact, I did a lot of sewing this weekend. I made these two little cloth bags to keep in my desk at the office.

They're just to keep some personal stuff in the drawer - handy but hidden.

I love it when pretty things are functional, too.

I'll post more pictures of my exploits in coming days. For now, I'll sign off and wish you happy weekend crafting.


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