Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Space

Who needs those internet meeting places?! I'd rather be in my own sewing room.

I love my sewing room. It's the tiniest bedroom in the house. It has a funny layout. It's overcrowded. There are too many pictures on the wall; too many bins, baskets and books on the shelves. And I could spend hours in there even if I wasn't sewing.

See the daybed over there under the window? It's very comfortable. It's in a little alcove and it faces the television/dvd player. I can nap in there with a couple of dogs, half hidden from the world, fully contented and daydreaming.

Or I could also be sewing, digging through stash, looking up patterns for a new scarf/hat/mittens. Creativity abounds in such a place as this.

Where do you go to be get inspired?

Happy Thursday, M

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Tazzie said...

How fun to have a little peek into your sewing room. Thank you for sharing. I love my sewing room too, and could gladly hide away in there for days and days.