Friday, May 30, 2008

Road To . . . Fill In The Blank

Bonnie over at Quiltville calls this pattern her Road To Camp Gravatt quilt.

Being Canadian, I keep wanting to call it Road to Avonlea. But I'm also an old movie buff so Road to Zanzibar, Road to Singapore, Road to Morocco and all those other Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movies keep popping into my head, too.

For now, it's just the "Road To Somewhere" quilt.

I really have done a lot of sewing recently. I'm working very hard to get my piecing fabrics down to one set of drawers and my backing fabrics down to one cupboard in the craft room. It's mega stash busting and so far, so good.

I think I just got tired of looking at all these projects I had planned and couldn't seem to get to. Now I'm getting to them and hallelujah for that! I was feeling very overwhelmed by them all. But now, no more crafting guilt for me! (Does anybody else suffer from that crafting guilt thing or is it just me?)

On that note, it's back to the sewing room for me today. Have a good one. M

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sitting In A Sunbeam

It's a gorgeous sunny morning and my kitchen is east facing. So . . . I'm just sitting here, enjoying the sun, drinking tea and reading blogs. Perfect time to do another post, thus prolonging the sun exposure.

This quilt that I pieced a couple of weeks ago is bright and sunny, too. It's Star Fling by Terry Atkinson but I've been calling it my Beach Party quilt.

What can I say? It makes me want to hit the sand with Frankie and Annette!

I got this as a kit from a quilt store in Saskatoon a couple of years ago. Then I added some fabrics from my own stash to make it bigger. If you look carefully at this picture and the Crayon Box from the last post, you can see where I frugally used some of the scraps from this quilt in that one. Gotta love quilting for that waste-not-want-not thing!

Now for our daily pet pix of cutitude:

Emmett and Sailor - she doesn't think she has any boundaries at all, he wishes he didn't! But they love each other and that's all that counts! (Awwww. I get all smiley when I look at this photo.)

Well that's all for today's update. Hope you're having a good Thursday. M

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crayon Box

Bonnie over at Quiltville has some very fun designs. This is another of her very simple yet stunning patterns called Crayon Box.

I added same-colour-sashings to mine for a little block separation. I love the way it's turned out.

I haven't decided how I'm going to quilt it yet. I've been trying a lot of new things in that department. I have been free-handing some clam shells on the borders of my Sara's Stars and feeling very successful with it. We'll see how it turns out!

Actually, Tonya has inspired me with her free-hand-fans quilting. She also does some amazing things with free piecing that I'm excited to try. I'm still a little nervous to go at fabric without a real plan but I'm getting enough scraps these days that I should be able to make the leap any time now. :)

And now for a little feline furriness - here's Sailor sleeping in the garbage can of my sewing room catching a sunbeam. Funny little girl cat!

Hope you're having a fabulous week. M

Sunday, May 25, 2008

This one time . . . in my sewing room

I felt very inspired to use a charm square pack I had acquired at a LQS. It was a single pack of Decadent Victorian by April Cornell for Moda Fabrics. I purchased some meterage to add borders, too.

I stitched it all up, fit in some sashings and did some triangle borders that I taught myself to do just that day. This is what it looks like now.

It's kind of a crappy photo, all wrinkled up and such, but it's still rather pretty. I'll take a better shot once it's all quilted and bound. For now, this is as good as it gets.

I've been up in the sewing room this weekend and am learning new techniques and having a blast.

Hope your own weekend was just as fun. M

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Look! Another Post!

I'm still here. Two days, two posts, the mind reels! :D

Before I show you some more of my craftiness, I just wanted to say hey to all of you who sent wishes for my improved health. They were deeply and sincerely appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While laid up, the world carried on without me. Two babies were born - one to a former student and another to a former colleague. I managed to stitch up two simple baby blankets, both of them very late (a month and two months after the day) but they did get there at last.

This first one was for Zander - a Noah's Ark panel that I extended with large, simple blocks. You can see it here, all pinned and ready for quilting.

The second was for baby Tyson and is shown here with Reuben trying to keep it for himself.

It's just a bright, beautiful, wild animal fabric, sandwiched with blue flannel on the back, stitched diagonally and bound.

Once the baby blankets were completed and delivered, I started on a more ambitious project.

More than 18 months ago, I bought some pretty fabrics to make a commemorative quilt, just for me. I decided on the pattern and cut the pieces over a year ago. In April, I finally got the blocks together.

Now it looks like this.

It's so lovely, I just want to run my hand over it every time I look at it. I call it Sara's Stars.

The pattern is Star Struck from Quiltville. I've made it a throw size and I am just in the process of hand quilting the outer border. Then it'll go in the blanket box for curling up under on cold winter nights.

I do still have much more to show you but I'm trying not to throw it at you all at once. Also, I don't want to get burnt out on posting right away, so I'll piece it out a bit at a time. For those of you who are still hanging around, thanks for checking in. :)

Hope you're having a crafy weekend. M

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where To Begin?

Well, things have changed around here. For starters, I'm up and around and feeling pretty healthy these days. It was a very long haul and there are still some minor setbacks but I'm getting there.

During my absence, my little family has grown. For my 41st birthday, my mom brought home a couple of little girls for me. This is Stella and she came from the Prince Albert SPCA.

She's such a pretty princess of a cat, a Siamese cross, and about one and a half years old.

She went to the vet the first week to be spayed and vaccinated so I made her this little blanket so she would remember our smell while she was gone.

To keep Stella company once Mom and her cats move out, we adopted this little cutie the next day from Regina Humane Society.

Her name is Sailor, she's a 4 month old tortoise shell, and she loves to sew. Actually, she just loves to be in the middle of any mayhem she can start! I love her energy.

And because I made Stella her own blanket, I made one for Sailor, too.

It's been over 18 months since I had a cat of my own in the house and I have to say that I love having them here.

There has been tons of sewing going on around here and I promise I will post more in the coming days about all my projects. Now that I'm feeling better than I have in over a year, I've been making up for lost time. Hurrah!

Happy Friday! M