Saturday, May 24, 2008

Look! Another Post!

I'm still here. Two days, two posts, the mind reels! :D

Before I show you some more of my craftiness, I just wanted to say hey to all of you who sent wishes for my improved health. They were deeply and sincerely appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While laid up, the world carried on without me. Two babies were born - one to a former student and another to a former colleague. I managed to stitch up two simple baby blankets, both of them very late (a month and two months after the day) but they did get there at last.

This first one was for Zander - a Noah's Ark panel that I extended with large, simple blocks. You can see it here, all pinned and ready for quilting.

The second was for baby Tyson and is shown here with Reuben trying to keep it for himself.

It's just a bright, beautiful, wild animal fabric, sandwiched with blue flannel on the back, stitched diagonally and bound.

Once the baby blankets were completed and delivered, I started on a more ambitious project.

More than 18 months ago, I bought some pretty fabrics to make a commemorative quilt, just for me. I decided on the pattern and cut the pieces over a year ago. In April, I finally got the blocks together.

Now it looks like this.

It's so lovely, I just want to run my hand over it every time I look at it. I call it Sara's Stars.

The pattern is Star Struck from Quiltville. I've made it a throw size and I am just in the process of hand quilting the outer border. Then it'll go in the blanket box for curling up under on cold winter nights.

I do still have much more to show you but I'm trying not to throw it at you all at once. Also, I don't want to get burnt out on posting right away, so I'll piece it out a bit at a time. For those of you who are still hanging around, thanks for checking in. :)

Hope you're having a crafy weekend. M

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