Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mother's Day

I do realize that the day itself was weeks and weeks ago, honest I do. But I am just getting around to posting these pix of the quilt I made for my mom for the day.

My mother, like so many other people, has a shoe problem. Not only does she love, love, love them, but she owns very many pairs of them. But mostly her problem is that she only has one daughter and that daughter (me) prefers running shoes or Birkenstocks to anything else! Down right embarrassing in my mother's eyes.

Anyway, to give my mother a quilt that I knew she would love, I was pretty sure it had to involve shoes in some way. Thus this fabric was chosen:

I actually think it's gorgeous stuff and, fortunately, she agrees.

In order to show off the feature fabric the best, I chose a couple of highlight colours to do a faux log cabin around a large centre square. No rhyme or reason to placement of the log cabin strips, just some combination until I got to the same size for each block.

Then I put them all together like this:

I'm very pleased with how it's turned out!

As for predictions as to when it actually gets quilted and finished, hard to say. Don't place any bets but I'm thinking if it gets done by Christmas it would be a minor miracle.

I'm off to the sewing room in a minute. Haven't been in there since Wednesday as I started a new job this week. I am so looking forward to some creative time

Happy weekend, M

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Katharyn said...

You know, now that I have had one of my bunions removed I've actually develped a bit of a thing for shoes. :-)

So cute.