Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whatcha doin?

"Are you sittin' at the computer again?" Stella asks.

Stella likes to sit on my laptop. The keys are nice and warm. I haven't actually caught her sleeping on it yet but I do suspect that she naps on it while I'm at work. Cheeky girl cat!

I have another nearly-there quilt to show you.

This one is a very simple design. Large batik that I love in the center, simple green/gold batik rail fence blocks around the edge. (The red you see on the edges is the backing folded over and pinned until I finish the quilting. That's why it looks uneven.) Then a big celtic knot in the middle.

I haven't decided if that's the knot I'm going to use. I was thinking something larger but simpler might be better. But you get the general idea.

Hope you're all having a good week! M

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Katharyn said...

Paul's parents have a cat who loves to sleep on the back of the computer screen, nasty shock when they replaced her bed with a flat screen. She went to jump over the front expecting too land on the back of the monitor, and splat, landed on the table.

LOVE the quilt. I actually like the four diagonal corners of the knot, so if not that knot I would go with something similarly shaped. You have the structure of the border, the chaos of the main fabric, and then the structure of the knot, and I like that the knot and border tie in at the corners not in a strait cross. I agree that slightly larger would be better.

Love you!