Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crafting A House

Ah, the joys of living in a very old house that needs tons and tons (and did I mention tons?) of work.

This past weekend was filled with flooring advenutres. My hands are only just recovered enough to attempt typing today. My knees may never be the same.

None the less, it got done.

Friday night, we started pulling up all the carpet in the dining room.

Emmett contributed his much-lauded supervisory skills. Such a helpful boy!

One hundred years worth of messy layers showed up to take a bow for all the support they've given the residents of Sugar Bowl House in the last century.


Saturday, when finished with the dining room, we moved everything from the living room and started the whole process over again.

Things did get going a little faster in the living room because ancient lino tiles under the carpet underlay just popped off without any complaint.

And then the ghosts of residents past reared their ugly decision-making skills. There were places in the living room where the tiles had been stuck down with pitch.

I still have little bits of tar stuck to the bottom of my feet. Blech.

But at long last we made it to the final board. Whew!

Now there are new baseboards to install, paint touchups to do, furniture to be rearranged. I'm hoping to be finished the whole thing this weekend.

When I finally get it all completed, I'll post pix and retell all the gruesome details of what the room used to look like. Not for the faint of heart!

Happy Wednesday, Travellers, M


La Tea Dah said...

Awww, we just finished doing the same thing in four rooms. It looks beautiful, but the work. And the knees! Where are your knee pads? They help SO much! In fact, I'm going to 'borrow' them from my husband's work bench and use them when I wash the floor on hands and knees (don't worry, usually I'll use a mop).

Happy remodeling!


Katharyn said...

Well done! Try not to over do it.