Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crafting of a Different Sort

It's been keeping me busy. It just hasn't been sewing or knitting or the like. Instead, I've been building a compost bin.

The putting together was very easy. The finding the right spot, preparing the ground and painting the fence behind it took some time.

I have also been getting the rest of the fence ready to paint. You can see from this pic that it really needs a coat or two!

There's been the refinishing a thrift-store desk, too. It's solid wood from the 30's or 40's (I think!).

It started out this Prussian blue but I'm lightening it up. I'll have more pix once I get it done.

And to end our post, here's a little furry furtiveness.

Sailor trying to get on Molly's foot stool, very stealthy like!

Happy Tuesday, campers! M


Katharyn said...

I dream of the day when we aren't living in rentals so we can have a compost bin again.

The fence may need a coat of paint, but oh it's a cute fence!

Pioggia said...

Oh my! I'd lvoe to have a blue desk too!