Monday, July 28, 2008

A Little Story Quilt

When I was in Teachers' College, I took a fabulous art class. The teacher, whose name I can no longer remember (I love getting older!), inspired me to try new things. More importantly, he tapped into my love of fibre-y things and thus encouraged me to expand my horizons with that medium.

This was one of my final projects for the course.

It's the Celtic Tree of Life, with the green fields of Ireland on one side (my heritage) and the golden fields of the Saskatchewan prairies on the other (my birthplace). The sky is filled with moons and stars, all fractured and flying, and I filled the branches with symbolic images.

I handstitched every blanket stitch on every edge of the piece, and I loved every minute of it.

The work of creation seemed effortless and the concepts came easily. I wish I could spend days on end in that kind of creative flow.

Now you know why I'm so drawn to the free piecing I see on blogs like Joyce's and Tonya's. I really need to make the time to do this kind of creating in my life.

As soon as I finish renovating my house!! Yeah, like finishing is ever going to happen!

Hope you all had a good crafting weekend, fellow travellers. M


Nines said...

Love this piece. I'll have to post a picture of a tree that my friend made for me. Congrats on floor finishing- ours is an 1890 house. And the tile in one room was held down with pitch, also- had to use a heat gun to get it up! Not the best combination, tar and fire... Alls well, though.

Katharyn said...

That is just lovley! So you! I'm totaly take back bust just how beautiful that piece is!