Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mixed Bag of Goodies

First, we have a finished quilt top. I've been setting aside these fabrics for ages now because I thought they would be nice in a muted colour design somehow. Then a few months ago, I found an inspiration for this in one of my quilting books, Bundles of Fun by Karen Snyder.

I love the way the colour moves in waves like this. Very pretty.

Secondly, I have been doing my little bit of gardening in the backyard. Nothing too destructible, what with all my pets around.

Herbs and tomatoes in the back three, flowers in the front. We've had such odd weather here this year, it's suprising they've survived at all.

Third in our little bag of tricks, a finished pair of socks from way back when! I think I started these in October when I first moved into this house.

It's an Opal sock yarn in Hundertwassers 697, "Rainy Day on Dear Waves." Waiting to be whisked away to their new home.

And finally, we have Miss Stella, the corn-on-the-cob-eating cat. Too weird!

Hope you all have a great Thursday, M

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Pioggia said...

Ooooh! That quilt looks like an optical trick on my screen. It is pretty indeed. Congratulations on squeezing in a knitted fo among all that quilting.