Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Sense

For my dearest friend, Katharyn, who loves me and my house (even when we were both a wreck), I present pictures of my newly completed dining room.

Looking from the living room towards the window to the backyard. It's got new floors, new bookshelves, new paint, new light fixture, new desk, new table cloth - even a new cat, Stella.

This view is from the kitchen door into the room at the other end. That's the desk on the right, next to Shadow.

In honour of SBH's 100th birthday, I bought this gorgeous little carpet on the weekend. Sailor is being so kind as to model it for us. She loves it because it's so soft!

Too bad for her, though, it's to sit the rocking chair on so the floor doesn't get marked up. She won't be sitting on it for long, lest she lose a tail!

And that's the latest installment in the continuing saga of the rejuvenation of Sugar Bowl House, may she stand another 100 years.

Happy Tuesday, Travellers, M

1 comment:

Katharyn said...

Bravo, Bravo!

Love the floor, love the paint, love the desk, love the book shelves, love the drapes, love the table cloth, love the rug – and of course the cats are most definitely mandatory for that type of house.

I just adore that picture of the doors, what’s the name of the print?

Too a hundred more years!