Sunday, August 03, 2008

Long Weekend Life

As promised, I provide a pic of the blue desk in it's new incarnation, all lighter and prettier. In front of the window, it makes an ideal cat perch and a lovely computer desk.

I spent the greater part of yesterday cleaning up the last of the scarey corners of the yard (left by the previous owners). Bags and bags of garbage were hauled to the dumpster and now my backyard is actually visible.

Towards the house - ooooh, aaaah.

Towards the garage - ooooh, aaaah.

I'm really torn about the little shed you can see in this pic. I would love to be able to restore it and turn it into a greenhouse but it might just be easier and safer to tear it down and start over.

To finish off the yard work, early this morning before the heat of the day set in, I painted the fence. It's all clean and pretty now, too. More oooohs, more aaaahs.

(Doncha just love the Enormous Satellite Dish of Doom in the neighbour's yard? Thankfully, when the tree is in leaf, it's mostly hidden. Kinda uglier in winter, though.)

And our final pic of this weekend's domestically-inclined activities, Soup!

You know I love my soup!

This one is another fav. It's called hamburger soup. Made from any vegetables you have in the house added to hamburger, onions and garlic, it's delicious and easy. Who could ask for anything else?!

Happy long weekend, Travellers, M

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Katharyn said...

oooh, ahhh...

That dish is somethign else... if there wasn't a lovley tree there I'd suggest you plant a hedge.