Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

After rearranging the books onto the new shelves in the dining room, I had big plans (okay, maybe medium sized plans) for the old book shelves.

First, I created a cutting table for myself. I am so loving how the drawers fit perfectly under the cutting surface.

I've never actually had a space dedicated to cutting before. I had to shift my sewing machine out of the way every time I wanted to use the mat. Such a big pain, especially when trying to do the free piecing method, where you sew then you cut.

Next I added one of the tall shelves to the room (see? by the window there?).

It lets me have all my yarn organized on the bottom two shelves, all my craft books on the top three, and lots of little bits and bobs stored around them. It's so much tidier and easier to get at everything now.

Finally, another little shelf on the side holds the radio, tv, dvd player and some favourite movies. I feel so spoiled with all these special features just for me. Wheeeeee!

Ever notice how when your crafting space is organized, you use it a lot more? Or is that just me again? Because seriously, I have loved being in there. Been working on my fungly blocks, finished up the baby blankets, pulled out some yarn for knitting dish cloths, that kind of stuff. All gloriously, deliciously crafty.

And the changes seem to meet with the approval of Sailor, as she climbed until she could find a place to nap!

Hope you're enjoying your own craft space today.

Happy Wednesday, Travellers, M

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Katharyn said...

It's not just you, I craft more when my space is clean and organized... maybe I should clean up my crafting spaces this weekend!

A cutting space, oh I am jealous! Once we have a house I'm hoping to make an actual cutting table complet with guide!

Great Kitty spot!