Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thrifty Thursday - Part 2

You might think that I've run out of thrilling thrifty finds, mes amis, but not so. That weekend at the thrift store was particularly fruitful for my frugal little heart.

Along with my sewing machine, the blue desk, and the orange ottoman, I found this armoire.

It was part of a bedroom set and originally intended as a sweater cupboard/dresser thingy.

But, handy little me, I turned it into this:

I cut out the centre bar, removed and trimmed the shelf, then reinstalled the shelf at a lower level. It was a great excuse to use my circular saw - Girl with Power Tools! Woot!

The cabinet is the perfect size for my living room and when it's closed, I am in tv-free heaven. (Obviously during the Olympics, it's been open a lot, as you might have guessed by the beach volleyball image on the screen.)

The drawers below hold movies, music, and the like, adding a huge amount of needed storage to the room.

I priced out a similarly-sized unit last fall. They wanted $1600 for it. Uh, no thanks. This one? $125. No contest.

I don't think I can express how joyful I feel when I find a good deal, especially when it's a much-needed, much-desired piece that I've been searching for. It doubles when I get to modify it myself.

I know. I'm a dork. But my dogs still think I'm cool.

Happy Thursday, Travellers, M

1 comment:

Katharyn said...

Totaly Awesome!

I love the idea of beinga able to hid the TV, the armoire is lovley! I think I actually prefer second hand furniture to brand new, I feel weid about doing reno's to new furnitue.

Love it!