Monday, September 01, 2008

New Views

At long last I have purchased a new camera. Voila.

It's pretty fancy and I have lots of playing to do in order to learn how to use it to it's best advantage but I'm having so much fun taking tons of pix of every little thing around the house.

Other things accomplished this Labour Day? I put together a collage on the top of my pretty desk. There are some old photographs, cards and postcards, pretty things that I have enjoyed over the years, all nice momentos.

I also spent some time finding fabulous bargains that I'm saving for Thrifty Thursday. On the crafty front, it's been limited to new dishcloths for my own kitchen as my back has been bothering me too much for sewing.

To fill the rest of my long weekend days, I've been walking the dogs a lot. So here's a pic of our sweet, but usually very serious Laddie boy. He's such a handsome baby.

And here's another one of him - smiling his little face off!

I love my new camera!

Happy holiday weekend, fellow Travellers, M

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Katharyn said...

Glad to hear you got your new camera!