Monday, December 15, 2008

Proof of Crafty Life

Just so you know, I haven't been totally slacking just because I've been mooning after the stereo installer. I do have a few projects I can show because these ones aren't holiday gifts for blog readers.

Here's a little seasonal panel I've quilted and need to bind.

It's by Laurel Birch. I love her work and am so pleased there are so many choices of it in fabric.

This table runner was me playing with applique again, now that I've learned an easier technique from quilt school. Obviously, it needs binding, too.

And the strips are for a radiant star quilt that I was making in quilt school. It's so much further along than this but I don't have any pix of that yet.

Beyond these, there are projects in different stages of completion that will soon be under Christmas trees, fingers crossed! I'll be able to post about them as they get finished and delivered. Better remember to get some pix.

I'm really enjoying the festive season this year, crafty deadlines and all. (Hmmm, I wonder why that might be. Please see previous post for hint!) I'm even taking a few days off around the holidays to relax and bake and sew and all those other things I love to do.

Okay, that's enough gushing about wintery holiday-type things. Must get back to the work part now.

Happy holiday crafting, M

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Swear, It's Not My Fault

I honestly did not mean to be away so long. And I have absolutely no good excuse for it. I've just been - you know - busy. With - you know - stuff. Yeah, busy with stuff. Yup, stuff.

I've been having a new stereo wired in the kitchen so I can listen to my fave CBC shows. Stella and Sailor are very busy supervising the installer (- okay, the installer's wires.) Aren't they ever so helpful?!

Then Sailor decided to help me with the cleaning. Here she's making sure the sink is clean enough for a cat to sleep in, if the need should ever arise. Like when we've run out of beds, couches, chairs, counters, book shelves, tables, dogs, . . .

Molly girl says "No way is that cat ever sleeping on me!"

And Emmett has made other sleeping arrangements.

Oh, did I mention we're all madly in love with the stereo installer? Yeah, he would be the "stuff" we've been so busy with.

Happy holiday crafting. M