Friday, December 12, 2008

I Swear, It's Not My Fault

I honestly did not mean to be away so long. And I have absolutely no good excuse for it. I've just been - you know - busy. With - you know - stuff. Yeah, busy with stuff. Yup, stuff.

I've been having a new stereo wired in the kitchen so I can listen to my fave CBC shows. Stella and Sailor are very busy supervising the installer (- okay, the installer's wires.) Aren't they ever so helpful?!

Then Sailor decided to help me with the cleaning. Here she's making sure the sink is clean enough for a cat to sleep in, if the need should ever arise. Like when we've run out of beds, couches, chairs, counters, book shelves, tables, dogs, . . .

Molly girl says "No way is that cat ever sleeping on me!"

And Emmett has made other sleeping arrangements.

Oh, did I mention we're all madly in love with the stereo installer? Yeah, he would be the "stuff" we've been so busy with.

Happy holiday crafting. M


Jen Anderson said...

Yeah, all that "stuff" stuff really gets in the way of everything else. I've been blogging, but I've been so busy with Christmas knitting that I haven't blogged about any of that, or posted any pictures.

I guess that's what January is for.

I have an iPod dock and speakers in my kitchen. I love being able to listen to podcasts when I'm doing dishes.

Katharyn said...

Nice to finaly see a good picture of the "stuff"! I have been away from my blog longer than you have so, don't worry about it!

Tazzie said...

Understand completely!