Monday, January 26, 2009

First Finish of 2009

I started these socks a long time ago. But since I'm on a quest to Craft Everything, it's time to complete old projects and send them on their way.

These ones have been sent off to a friend and are already loved and appeciated. Yay!

You can see a close up of the stitches here:

And I think this is a better colour representation.

The stitch pattern comes from the Conway sock pattern in Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush. Pretty.

Chalk this one up as the first finish for 2009. I am feeling very hopeful about what I can accomplish in the craft room this year.

Happy Monday, M


Tazzie said...

Wow, I love those socks! The colours are awfully cute, and the pattern is so pretty. Way to go hon!

Katharyn said...

Good job Michele! That one!