Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Blanket Bonanza

I've been making baby blankets for my former students for a few years now. After the last batch, I was pretty sick of making them and was trying to swear off stitching up any more. But now there's a special baby on the way.

So I pulled out some supplies and started in.

These are prefab flannel blankets from a discount bin. They cost $1 each. Very servicable but not very interesting.

With my ruler and rotary cutter in place, I prepare to trim the edge.

Cut, slice, cut, slice.

Using scraps from past projects, I stitch on a new binding.

And voila! A pretty new blanket with a handmade look. Good enough for any baby to spit up on.

Lather rinse repeat for two more.

A bushel of baby blankets ready to go.

Happy Friday, M


Katharyn said...

So lovely! They remind me of my baby blanket which was a piece of fabric that looked like it was quilted but wasn't, with a soft edge that mum attached. I left it at the Vancouver EXSPO :-( Apparently on the sky train on the way home I made imaginary phone calls to everyone I knew asking them if they had seen blanky. Then, following my parents "perhaps" stories I looked out the window and waves, saying through my tears "bye bye blanky. I hope some little girl who doesn't have enough money for a blanky found you!" and had everyone on the sky train in tears!

Mum still had some of the fabric, but not the soft edging, and was sewing after a full day at the fair with two small children by toddler stair gunpoint. If looks could kill... well I wasn't happy about the lack of soft edging but it was enough to get me to go to bed.

I left the second one several years later at my god mothers funeral in Portland. After that I slept with my dad's used under shirts, finding solace in there reek of old spice.

Then one night when I was six or so I decided that burglars might try to steel my oversized teddy bear (thank you TV) so I started to sleep on my stomach with the bear instead of pillow. And thus, made the switch from blanky to bear. (the bear remained in my bead until hubby Paul needed the space)

Pioggia said...

Oh, you make it sound so easy! But don't think for a minute that I will try it. No. The sewing machine is not my friend.

I enjoyed your kitchen post. I too, have some gadgets that I have acquired over the years. My blender is my all-time favorite.

Michelle said...

Great idea! Very cute!

La Tea Dah said...

What an awesome idea! The store-bought blankets were boring, but the new trims made them come alive and awake! And such an economical option --- buying a ready-made blanket rather than yardage.

I love the 'nesting instinct'. We're going through the beginning of the 'empty nest' stage and I am not liking it at all. It's so much easier to grow roots than allow wings! But, I am learning and surviving.