Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have to tell you that my Stereo Installer is one heck of a good guy to have around the house. This week we've been in the kitchen together. (And no, he wasn't replacing the tap, but he could, if I asked him, hmmm, maybe I should ask him.)

He was baking. Here he is rolling out pastry dough for the apple pie he made.

He made an extra shell for me for a salmon quiche. Which is awesome, because I cannot make pastry to save my life. That pastry-making gene skipped me.

He then baked some bread for us - no breadmachine needed.

And cinnamon buns. Yummers!

And just in case you thought I was goofing off while he was doing all this hard work, here are some of my tasty ginger cookies. So good!

Then a beef stir fry with mushrooms, asparagus, green peppers and tomatoes on a bed of jasmine rice for supper.

Yep, we eat pretty good around here.

What's cooking at your house?



Tazzie said...

Ohhh my goodness Michelle hon, I am incredibly envious! I know my man can cook if he has to, but I wouldn't want to be eating any of the results of his efforts ...
Your treats ALL look super yummy!
Hope you're having a wonderful week hon.

Thora said...

Tuna fish sandwiches! :) (with curry and pickles.) Honestly, that's one of the ways my husband won my heart (and my dog's heart too). He made me homemade soup and bread. I'm so happy for you and it's a good thing those rolls are so far away.

Your quilts just look beautiful Michelle! I always want to go and make one when I stop by here. Thank you for the tip on the book Last Minute Patchwork. I think you'll love Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Could I ask, though - what are your favorite crockpot recipes?

Oh, and p.s., I haven't forgotten about a good picture of the Celtic Hat - just haven't gotten to the camera lately.

Hope you are having a really wonderful weekend!

Katharyn said...

So hungery right now!

We aren't buying much food at the moment, less to move and all that. The several meals a week seems to be oven roasted chicken as my personal spicy BBQ sauce.