Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're All Still Here

Things have just been a little exhausting around here lately. New jobs, new hours, extra tiredness, lots of changes - none of these add up to lots of craft and blogging time. My apologies to anyone still reading.

I've been doing some sewing - like repairing this quilt that got chewed by a puppy a couple of years ago.

You can see that Sailor is a big help with getting that project done.

I also managed to get a lonestar top put together but again, I didn't get much further on it, this time thanks to Stella.

Emmet and DH (those are actually the Stereo Installer's initials) were getting pretty snuggly in the big chair, too. Way too tired to get anything done over there.

And then there's my Molly girl, waiting to go to bed no doubt. She can hardly keep her eyes open.

Definitely not a lot of extra-curricular activity going on in our lives these days. Soon, though, things should settle down again. Then we'll get back to some regularly-scheduled craft time.

Until then, I'll try to add something of interest on here a little more often than I have been lately.

Hope you're having a crafty spring, M


Tazzie said...

Glad to see that all is well in your world, I've been thinking of you.

La Tea Dah said...

I hope you are feeling well today --- I am thinking of you --- with joy!


Knatolee said...

Your pets are totally adorable!! :)

Katharyn said...

I'm so so sure about your life settling down again...