Friday, June 05, 2009

Out With The Pink, In With The Blue

We finally found out on Wednesday that we're expecting a baby boy! Yay! It's nice to know, at last, so I can really get some sewing and knitting underway, as well as start putting a nursery together.

The pink baby blankets I made so far will go in the gift pile for future babies. Not that I have anything against men in pink; I find them quite attractive myself. But until the boy can make up his own mind, I won't push the matter.

So in the drive to get a nursery together, I started making these blocks:

Mittens, mittens, and more mittens - for a winter baby they seemed appropriate.

I got the pattern from the winter 2007 Quilts and More magazine, but I can't find a link to that specific issue at the moment.

I modified the pattern a bit in that I'm using only the mitten applique for this quilt and omitting the snowflakes shown in the magazine. I just couldn't face cutting out all those little, tiny edges and corners.

I know. . . I wimped out. I admit it. It's still gonna be awfully cute, though!

Sailor Kitten has decided she needs to start helping around the house more, what with a new baby on the way. So here she is, supervising food preparation in her own way.
She really is quite the character, this one!

Hope you're having a crafty week, M


Knatolee said...

Oh, I adore the mittens quilt!

And Sailor, what an amazing pose. My cats have yet to figure that one out, although they do occasionally attempt to crawl into the freezer, which is at the bottom of our fridge. I watch out for that. We don't need cat-sicles.

How long did Sailor sit there, I wonder?

Katharyn said...

I would love to see either of my cats sit on the fridge like that! Wow!

La Tea Dah said...

Love the cat on the fridge door! Cute!!!

And a baby boy --- how exciting! Baby boys are so sweet, cute, and precious! And they love their mommy! You are so blessed!