Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, Hello There

Please meet the newest member of our household. This is Stanley, a ten-week old rescue from a local 7-11 parking lot at 3am one chilly morning. Thanks to People For Animals for finding him!

He has a lot of gumption, this Stanley of ours. Having already figured out that he can make two large dogs move with his mighty hiss, he does it now just to prove he can! Quite adorable.

Stella is not so easily impressed with this latest addition to the family. In fact, she's trying to learn how to type so she can get a job and move out.

Sailor has decided she's going to hide in the bread bowl on top of the fridge until he goes away again.

But really? That was Saturday.

By Sunday evening, Stanley was chasing Sailor around the house and she was letting him chew on her tail.

By Monday night, Stella and Stanley were playing hide and wrestle around the desk chair.

This morning, Stanley let the dogs sniff him without a hiss being uttered.

Things seem to have settled down rather nicely, and it didn't even take that long.

Now, just to prove this is still a crafting blog, I present pot holders I made from this tutorial. Ta dah!!!

Hope you are having a very crafty spring! M


Knatolee said...

Stanley, Stella and Sailor are ADORABLE! I love Sailor in the bread bowl. And if I'm not mistaken, I think we are up to the same dog/cat count now (two dogs, three cats.) I'm glad they are all getting along so well. That's always the nerve-wracking bit, those introductions!

Katharyn said...

"I want a kitten to keep me entertained now that I can't go outside in this stupid hot place. But the big evil says no more cats. Your Cat's all look like they are having a good time, what do they do inside to keep them selves busy?" - Love, Kalib.

La Tea Dah said...

What an adorable little kitten! Yup, kittens rule the roost! Bucky (who is not a kitten any more) still rules ME!