Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another Sewing Helper

In all the years I've been sewing, I have never had as help much in the sewing room as I have this last year. Sailor loves to sit on fabric while I'm stitching, or ironing, or even just organizing. Photographic evidence here.

Stanley is also fascinated by the process.

Fortunately, he didn't get in the way too much and I made good progress on the mitten quilt. Here's a shot of one of the blocks with the blanket stitch completed. So cute!

And before too long, there was a quilt top hanging on the fence.

The finishing will be a little slower in the making, I'm sure. Mostly because I've moved on to making bedding for the cradle. But I'll get there, honest!

Hope your Tuesday is productive!



Katharyn said...

Oh my goodness, so cute!!! the blaket sitch makes it!

Knatolee said...

The quilt is beautiful and your helper is adorable!