Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Salvation of a Quilt

Once upon a time, a pretty little quilt called Butterfly Garden was created. Such a pretty, pretty little quilt.

Not long ago, a wee pup (who shall remain nameless for his own protection) was feeling sad and insecure when he left his northern home. He did the only thing that made him feel better. He chewed a pretty little quilt to smithereens.

Poor Butterfly Garden.

Had it's guts chewed up, too. Poor, poor Butterfly Garden.

Fortunately, the wee pup's mommy understands fabric obsession (though she expresses her fixation a little differently).

After some digging and some pondering, the matching fabrics were found and a plan devised to save the pretty little quilt from the rag bag.

It can hardly be told where the old ends and the new begins.

Unless the back is showing the little quilt's bandaid. Awwww.

But some might say the pretty little quilt is even prettier now thanks to a few strategically-placed, garden-themed appliques to complete its restoration. .

Hurray for the pretty little quilt! May she last for many years to come!


Katharyn said...

That strawberry is making my mouth water!

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, the poor little quilt. But as worried as I was about the quilt, when reading this, I was even more worried about the little puppies tummy. Did he survive the butterfly garden?

Knatolee said...

Ooooh dear, somebody was a naughty little puppy! But you did an admirable restoration job.