Friday, July 24, 2009

Instructions Errata OR I Changed My Mind

I changed my mind on the instructions for the I Spy quilt, for sanity's sake. I'm trying to make this as straight forward as possible and don't want you to get frustrated so please forgive me for making changes after the fact.

Moral of the story? Put the quilt together first then post the steps. :P

Instead of sewing all the orange 2.5" squares on first, I attached a brown sashing to the left-hand side of each feature fabric 8" block. Like so.

Some of my fabrics definitely have a right-side up so I positioned them the way I want them to look in the finished quilt, and stitched the brown sashing to the left-hand side of the square.

The reason I did this first is that I think it will be easier to proceed this way. But then it's up to you to decide what's best for your process. You know there will be an uneven number of sashings with 2.5" orange blocks in order to compensate for the border of the quilt. It'll make more sense when we get to that step. Just trust me for now, please.

Now that we have the feature fabrics involved, this is what it will look like before we stitch them together.

That makes a bit more sense, right? You can see why some sashings were without an orange block and some with. Easier for piecing, yes?

At this stage, I want to point something out about ironing while quilting.

In order to get the different stages of piecing to fit together, you need to iron seams in different, but form-fitting directions. You can see here that I've ironed in opposite directions.

When you lay one piece on top of the other for the next stage of seaming, they will snug together and leave less of a fabric hump to get over with the sewing machine.

In order to make sure I get this snug fit each time, I figure out which direction I need to iron each piece by playing with them together . Then once I have the direction determined, I iron every single piece of that construction in exactly the same way.

For example, all the brown sashings with the orange square attached were ironed with the seam laying towards the orange square.

To make it fit snugly with the feature fabric/brown sashing pieces, I ironed all the feature fabric/brown sashing pieces with the seam laying towards the feature fabric.

Once the seaming is completed, your feature fabric blocks will look like this - two sides finished.

Next time, we'll lay all the blocks out, figure out an arrangement and start putting them together. The finish line is in site!

Happy seaming, M

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Katharyn said...

well as I haven't started your changes won't effect me too much!

Thank you again for doing this.