Monday, August 10, 2009

The Perfect Quilter Does Not Live Here

Seriously, she doesn't. I don't even know her personally but I have read about her quite a few times.

Perfect Quilter has points that are . . . well, perfectly pointy. Her corners match each and every time. She rips seams, re-sews, and rips them again if they don't shape up to her ideal. She doesn't hesitate to trim each piece. . . block. . . section several times until it's just right. She revels in the process and glory comes to her in the perfect finish of every one of her quilts.

She is so not me.

I am definitely a destination girl, as opposed to the journey girl, when it comes to quilting. (David tells me this is true of many of the things I do but that's an argument for another day.)

I may get some points to be perfectly pointy but that's mostly a random happenstance. I guarantee, though, that of all the stars on a quilt, some (or maybe only one) of them will have perfectly pointy points.

My corners mostly match but only because I learned how to iron my seams to do the snug-fit thing. If you make me sew a giant row of corners that are supposed to match, though, only some of them will make it.

I will only seam rip if there is absolutely no way in Hades that I'm going to get it to work (or almost work) any other way. If I have to rip the same seam more than once, there will be cursing. I would rather cut more fabric and try again.

I get close enough and trim to make it fit. I will short sew a seam all the way along if that's what it takes to get an approximately 8" or 10" or 12" block.

I revel in the glory that is a finished quilt that looks just as good from a distance as Perfect Quilter's quilts do up close. I mean, really, does the Quilt Inspector live at my house? Nope. And mine are just as pretty and warm on a cool night on the couch as anybody elses.

The real bonus of my quilts, though, is that they are my creations, in all their glorious imperfection.

And I can't wait to make another!

In my reality, that counts way more than any old perfectly pointy points.

Happy crafting, M

(Hmmm, now if I could just get this attitude with the rest of my life.)


Katharyn said...

Thank you for this follow up to your quilting 101! I just need to remember that as I start to learn....

Joyce said...

You are a quilter after my own heart. I have no patience with perfection. It just gets in the way of creativity.

quiltmom said...

HI Michele,
Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway prize that you sent me in the mail. It arrived safely today and is absolutely wonderful.
I will post about it in my next post. I love flowers and it is a gorgeous little wall hanging.

Warmest regards,

La Tea Dah said...

I love this post!