Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Interrupt Our Regular Scheduled Craft Blog

To bring you updates on . . .

The flooring in our bedroom and the hallway getting replaced, and

Stanley's challenge finding comfortable sleeping spots in the summer heat.

There is still a bit of crafting going on, though. Like a new sweater and some soakers for our baby boy. (Please excuse the flash-less orange glow.)

In baby news, we have less than 8 weeks to go until our official guess date. I'm still pretty exhausted and getting a bit restless but very excited to meet him, too.

My blogless friend, Maria, who just had a baby girl in July, tells me these last weeks are the longest wait ever . . . and she's done it twice so I'm taking her word for it!

Hope you're all having a great week! M


Tazzie said...

My goodness, is it only 8 weeks? It just seems like yesterday that you made the Very Important announcement. I'm sure it will fly along - especially for me - I have a project I need to get busy on :-)

quiltmom said...

Hi Michelle,
It is going so very fast for you. The house is looking great and so is your knitting -
I hope you enjoy good health as you wait for your baby.
Warmest regards,

Knatolee said...

That's so funny, we are currently in the process of having OUR bedroom floor redone! It is the original maple (100+ years old)and had been painted atrocious blue. It has now been stripped and next week the finish goes one! Enjoy your new floors.

And wow, only eight weeks now. Amazing! Hope it goes quickly for you.

Katharyn said...

Hey, I like orange. The soaker is awesome!