Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn Harvest

I didn't get much gardening done this year. Too tired and pregnant mostly. But I do try to plant a few pots every year, just a few flowers and tomato plants.

I have to say that this year I have had great success with my tomato jungle. I guess my fertility was a bit contagious! :)

Couple the first of my little red beauties with some fresh olive onion bread and I feel the start of a delicious lunch coming on. Yum!

Hope you're having a good Friday. M


Tazzie said...

Wow, that bread looks really yummy - I'll be over for lunch in a sec! I'm not surprised you haven't been busy gardening this year, there really is only so much energy to go around! Have a great weekend hon.

Katharyn said...

Yummy, yum yum! I'll have to remember that one as our gardening season is just about to start!

Knatolee said...

Did you make that bread?? It and the tomatoes look fantastically delicious!

I hope everything goes perfectly with the birth of your son, Michele. I'm looking forward to the "announcement" post. Make sure you get some rest before the big event.