Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We are into our first week of maternity leave here at Sugar Bowl House. I'm supposed to be taking it easy and putting my feet up. Yeah, sure, cuz there aren't a gazillion things to do before Baby Boy arrives.

The difference between this week and last week? I can take a nap in between jobs around the house. A definite plus.

The focus this week is getting the nursery finalized and the freezer stocked. I keep negotiating with the baby to stay in for at least two more weeks (we're four weeks from our due date) so I can get everything done. Some days I think he's listening, other days not so much.

Before I get too lost in the day's activities, I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent or delivered a gift recently. So many wonderful things are being received here from both bloggers and non-bloggers alike that I can't really keep up with photographing and documenting them all.

But please know that your kind thoughts and good wishes for us and for the baby are so very appreciated. It's a joy to know that so many people are celebrating with us.

Thank you.


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Katharyn said...

Speaking of, I have decided not to kill my self finishing up the baby projects for your little one and Lizzie's. I have a pattern going were I work one day on baby stuff, the next on green pumpkin stuff, and I'm now adding a Yule gift day to the rotation. When things get done I'll send them.