Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Strange and Spoiled

I know I should be posting about crafty things since this is a craft blog. And I do have one nearly ready to go, but I just had to post these pictures.

Strange? Stanley helping with the dishes.

Yes, he's sitting in the dish rack while I do the dishes.

I don't think I've ever had a cat as strange (but of course lovely) as our man, Stan.

Spoiled? Have you seen David with his princess, Molly?

She's sound asleep in that position while we were watching a movie. And he won't move a muscle for fear that he disturb her.

I keep telling him it's a good thing we're having a boy because I don't think I could handle a daughter as spoiled as this little girl! Sheesh!

Hope your world is happy and your crafting joyful. M


Tazzie said...

OMG Michele, your fur-people just crack me up. I can truthfully say that there are no critters in this house with quite as much personality.
Very much looking forward to your big event - counting down!

Katharyn said...

and soiled she would be!!! But she's also be a killer at marshal arts I'm sure.

have you taught Stanley to lick the left overs off the plates, effectively doing the pre wash for you?

Knatolee said...

Awww, you have the cutest fur-children. The pic of David with Molly is adorable.

Life's a Stitch said...

A boy? Oh boy I've not kept up with blogs. Congratulations.