Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finishing Up Stuff

I've been in the mood for finishing things lately. Hmmm, wonder why that might be? The nesting instinct is way stronger than anybody tells you. lol

None the less, here are a couple of things that got finished lately.

A crib blanket with a Noah's Ark theme on one side and wild animals on the other. All free-motion quilted to make lots of bubbles on it.

I finally got the binding done on the pumpkin table runner I started last autumn. Guess I can dress the table for fall now.

Oh, and we got the stroller put together. Sailor Moon Kitten says "You aren't leaving me behind when this baby arrives!"

I suspect there will be more baby items posted this week as he doesn't feel like he's in any rush to come out and meet us. We're off to an ultrasound this afternoon to check his position. In the mean time, maybe I'll get some more things finished up!

Happy Wednesday, M


Katharyn said...

I love your cats!!!

In case you're not up with your Nature Mom blog you have to check this site out!

Knatolee said...

Boy, the kitties won't know what hit them when baby arrives!