Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nope, No Baby Yet

Sorry to leave you all hanging like that. I'm sure everyone was starting to think we were in the midst of that new baby smell around here. But nothing yet.

He's due in another two weeks so we could be at this for another four if he decides to delay his entrance. But I'm okay with that now - since I read that it's good for brain development for them to stay in as long as they want. Within reason. :P

I have been very busy - baking bread, filling the freezer with all kinds of goodness so we don't have to cook for a while, learning to make jams and preserves, sewing up a gazillion diapers, and on and on. All stuff I thought would make pretty boring blog posts.

Also, I figured if I only have so much energy on any given day, which is true, then I'd rather be doing these things than snapping pix and posting about them. So the days have been scheduled thusly - bake bread and muffins, have two hour nap, sew two diapers, have one hour nap, make supper, sit on couch in stupor until bed time at 8pm. Lather, rinse, repeat. Such an exciting life. lol

Hope you're all having a craft October, maybe squeezing in a little Halloween prep.

Happy crafting, M

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Katharyn said...

I'll admit the end of my September and my October so far have not been crafty. But I need to get my but in gear and finish some baby projects and get the green pumpkin going (which is now mostly waiting for the website).

First there was the birthday party prep, then Victoria was here, and then I needed to recover from doing everything by doing nothing... and now I'm fighting (winning, but still fighting) with a virus that's going around work. Bleh!

Looks like Lizzie's baby is coming early, I still think you'll have your babies on the same day!

rest up while you can.