Friday, October 23, 2009

Today's Forecast: Sunny with No Sign of Baby

Well since Junior Mint is not showing up any time soon, I thought I'd finally show you the cradle we have waiting for him. Maybe he'll see it and be tempted to come try it out.

This beautiful cradle was made for my Aunty Shelly by a wonderful and talented family friend, Mr. Klemmer, who has since passed on.

She gave it to us to use for our baby boy. I hope to pass it on to other members of the family who will appreciate it for it's beauty and sentimental value.

After 30 years in storage it's still in beautiful condition. It needed a new mattress and a screw tightened but it's of such quality that other than a clean, it was in perfect shape.

I proceeded to make a mattress cover, sheets, bumper and baby quilt for it. All with the idea that they would get passed on with the cradle to the next baby in line.

I cried when she offered it to us, I cried when I finished putting it all together. I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I see him in it. It's that kind of love that goes into such an heirloom.

Happy Friday everyone, M


Katharyn said...

It's absolutely beautiful Michele!

La Tea Dah said...

I love your cradle. It is very similar to the one we had for our boys. I made sheets, bumpers, and quilt for it as well --- and all are safely saved in the attic for future generations. I am very sentimental as well -- just like you!