Monday, November 30, 2009

Mama's Been Sewing

With fabric I had in the stash, $5 worth of rings, and five minutes of sewing, I managed to make this:

A ring sling. I'm holding up the tail end (used for discrete nursing) with my right hand.

And yes, my son is in there. My left hand is resting on his back.

This was so easy to make, thanks to the free internet instructions provided by Maya Wrap.

It's completey adjustable, goes on and off so easily, and frees up my hands to do a few things around here. Like knitting.

I have been knitting. But I need to take photos when my model is awake and not crying or nursing. :) I'll get there soon.

Happy crafting, M

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Receiving, Loud and Clear

I don't know where the term "receiving blanket" comes from. When I looked it up on the web, all it told me was the function, nothing more.

What I do know about receiving blankets? We didn't have enough. Not even nearly. So thanks to David and baby Callum having naps together, I was able to get to the sewing room and whip up several more.

This one is my favourite. It's adorable stuff. I love the Bazooples and the people at Ethelbird and Eliza were so fast and helpful getting me this fabric.

And here's a stack of seven more made from flannel I had stashed in the sewing room.

Now that we have the blankie situation under control, I'll take a moment to show you our new baby in his beautiful cradle.
Yep, I cried. No brainer.

Hope you're having a crafty November, M