Thursday, November 12, 2009

Receiving, Loud and Clear

I don't know where the term "receiving blanket" comes from. When I looked it up on the web, all it told me was the function, nothing more.

What I do know about receiving blankets? We didn't have enough. Not even nearly. So thanks to David and baby Callum having naps together, I was able to get to the sewing room and whip up several more.

This one is my favourite. It's adorable stuff. I love the Bazooples and the people at Ethelbird and Eliza were so fast and helpful getting me this fabric.

And here's a stack of seven more made from flannel I had stashed in the sewing room.

Now that we have the blankie situation under control, I'll take a moment to show you our new baby in his beautiful cradle.
Yep, I cried. No brainer.

Hope you're having a crafty November, M


Tazzie said...

Oh my goodness Michele, Callum is just adorable. I would have cried too!

Katharyn said...

You're so crafty, you make people!

The bedding and Callum both look wonderful.

HomesteadMommy said...

Awww Congratulations on your baby boy.