Monday, December 07, 2009

Quilty Love

I made this quilt ages ago. I got it quilted and bound in the last days of my pregnancy. It was part of that whole finishing obsession I had going on. (Good grief, but I do dislike being so obvious sometimes! lol)

I asked David to hold up the quilt so I could take a picture of it. This is the result.

You see, he didn't want to give up holding Callum in order to hold up the quilt. Hard to argue with that.

You can see the backing fabric and binding in this photo, as long as you can look past the adorable pic of father and son. (I may be a little biased on this one.)

We are still managing to get a row or two knit around here each day. It's a slow process but immensely satisfying.

Hope your holiday crafting is going well, M

1 comment:

Knatolee said...

LOVe the pic of David and Callum! Bliss! And the quit is gorgeous.