Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family Literacy Day

We're marking the day by having a literacy-packed adventure, all day long.

For Callum and I, we started the day (1) deciphering instructions off the oatmeal bag to make some breakfast. This was followed by more time in the kitchen, (2) trying a new recipe for Cauliflower Soup from Sarah Kramer's book La Dolce Vegan. Yummy supper for tonight!

Next we headed to the basement to (3) read the dials and lights on the washer and dryer. Very exciting stuff! Okay, not so exciting for anybody but the three-month old who likes the lights.

But then we did some (4) songs, (5) rhymes, and (6) games involving Callum's toes and tummy, which was way more fun. We even (7) read a couple of his library books, that we checked out last week after his Mainly Mother Goose class at the Children's Library. So cool!

Eventually, after a change, a snack and a snuggle, it was time for Callum's nap. So Mamma gets to (8) check her email, (9) write a blog post and then (10) dive into her latest CanLit book, Mercy Among The Children by David Adams Richards. Hard to tear myself away from this one.

My plans for this afternoon include (11) writing a letter to my grandmother in England, inserting some fab pictures of Callum, of course.

Later on, David will go to his university class to (12) study Coptic for his masters' thesis. When he gets home, we'll (13) make up a grocery list for this week's shopping trip, then eat our delicious soup.

After supper, instead of television, we've been reading a wonderful new book by Arthur Slade. We take turns (14) reading aloud his latest, called The Hunchback Assignments. It's a wonderfully dark story so far, which makes me think we won't be reading it with Callum again for several years.

Given the blizzard that blew through here over the last few days, it seems to me that a grand day of literacy is a great way to while away some winter hours.

Hope you're having a very literate day! M


quiltmom said...

Babies do need and love books. When my grown son Kevin was a child, we read every night - sometimes the story was the same ( Meg at Sea was such a favorite That I nearly hid it) He went to sleep with stories on tape - Winnie the Pooh and The Wind and the Willows and Robert Munsch. We had board books and bath tub books and still have books all over our house.
You give kids such rich language experiences with books. Can you tell I am a primary teacher? LOL
I still love to read and always have a book on the go. I wrote about a few books that I have been reading on a recent post. You can find it at
Enjoy your literate times- Callum is a lucky boy.
Warmest regards,

Katharyn said...

Sounds like quite the exciting day!