Monday, February 08, 2010

David's Christmas Socks

Before I start this post, let me tell you that I love David very very much.

This is an important point to understand when I show you this next picture - David's Christmas Socks. Aren't they yummy?

But they are size 15. Yep, size fif-teen. The only pair of socks on which I have used all the sock yarn from two balls. And they are still only just above his ankles.

Which is why I frequently had to remind myself how much I love David while I was knitting them. :)

They are knit from a lovely grey tweed sock yarn from Knit Picks. Every time we wash them, they get softer and flufflier and more lovely.

And every time they get washed and pulled out of the dryer, I want to knit myself a pair. Or three. Or ten. (I'm just going to nip down stairs and see if I have anymore in the stash!)

More importantly, I will undoubtedly knit another pair for David. Because I love him. (And maybe because of a little bit of yarn lust.)

Happy February crafting, M

1 comment:

Katharyn said...

at least you can knit your self two or three pair in the time it would take you to knit David one.

They are lovely!