Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blink! And Four Days Are Gone!

I swear I have no idea how that happens. But it well and truly does around here.

So on with the discussion of natural oven cleaning solutions. How did they work for me?

Hmmm, well, first I have to qualify this by telling you my oven has not been cleaned in two and a half years. Ewwww! I know. I know. But I bought it new when I moved in. And I just kept thinking of it as a new oven. And then, well, life moved on and I wasn't about to clean it last year in all my pregnant glory. So now we're here, two and a half years later.

Now, keep in mind, there have been times in my life when two and a half years of not cleaning an oven just would not have seemed that bad. I rarely cooked in those days, and even more rarely cooked in the oven. So no biggy.

These days, though, I run that oven hard. I bake pies that overflow. I roast pork and chicken until they spatter. I make pizza from scratch and the cheese gets all melty and gooey. It is a well used, and well loved, oven. Needless to say, this translate as a very, very dirty oven that should have been cleaned ages ago.

Now that we have that back story, let's return to the cleanser issue.

I found the first formula completely ineffective. I was using more elbow grease than anything and it was barely touching the grime. I decided to up the game and use the salt/soda paste as the initial scrub all over the oven.

Again with elbow grease being a key element, along with a bundle of steel wool, I made fairly good headway. Once I had scrubbed the inside and applied a good coating of the paste, I turned on the oven to 500 degrees and waited for results.

The gaseous substance emanating from my oven freaked me out at first. I realized, though, that it was just steam from the water in the paste. Once I opened the windows, the steam dissipated quickly and there was no smell or anything to worry about. So not-really-a-crisis averted.

Once the oven had cooled down and I removed the cleanser, I was impressed with the state of the thing. I won't tell you it was gleaming or perfect or anything like that. But it was very much improved.

The verdict? I will use both suggestions again, only much much sooner. I figure if I clean my oven as part of the regularly monthly routine around here, it will clean faster and more easily. I can live with that - cleaning more often makes it easier. Got it.

Happy oven cleaning to you, M


Jen Anderson said...

I'm impressed that you were able to go so long. My oven sets off the smoke alarm if I use it with something stuck on the bottom.

If you put a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven, it catches spills, which gives you more time between cleanings.

Katharyn said...

Good luck with cleaning your oven monthly with everything else on your to do list as well... ever six months prehaps?