Monday, June 14, 2010

Laundry Day

Today is the first time this spring/summer that laundry day and sunshine have coincided. How crazy this weather has been this year.

But it's finally here - some sunny weather and some diaper-bleaching, -disinfecting sunshine has been shining on the diapers all afternoon. Yay!

As I type this, though, I have on my very long to-do list a reminder to make more diapers. Callum is growing so fast and he is in need of some new, larger ones. And I am itching to try a new design of my own that incorporates all the features of the products we have tried and love. Yes, sewing/parental dorkiness abounds!

And in the realm of laundry as well, I'm going to be making cold pressed soap very soon. I have all the supplies and equipment and now I just need to find the baby-free, pet-free time/space to get it done. Once the cold-pressed is done, I'll use that to make my own chemical free laundry soap. We use a nice brand now that is very basic and as green as I can find while still cleaning, but I'm looking forward to trying my own. Wish me luck with that endeavour!

Happy Monday, M

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