Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Rain. Sigh.

I know it's been far too long since my last post. I have no defense. I have no explanatory apology prepared. But I am sorry to anybody that keeps checking back here and finding nothing new in over a month.

The month of May was unusually gray and rainy and gloomy. Not unlike the way June is starting out. But it was also a busy and celebratory month. David and I both have birthdays at the beginning of May, followed very closely by my first Mother's Day as a new mom. We also managed to get out to some awesome spring events in town, despite the rain and thunder. It wasn't a bad month really, it just wasn't a good writing month, I guess.

But here we are in June, with a garden nearly planted, knitting on the needles, new diapers that need to be sewn up, all kinds of things that might make good blog posts. One might even call them inspiring. Let's hope I can get the time/energy/inspiration combination right this month and start up with the regular posting again.

But if you had this guy to hang out with every day, I'm thinking you might have a bit of a trouble pulling yourself away to blog, too. :)

Happy June! M


Tazzie said...

Oh my goodness Michele, Callum has grown sooooo much, and he is just adorable. I can entirely imagine why it's so hard to tear yourself away from him!!

Katharyn said...

That's okay, I'm so behind on my blog reading I actually hat to hit "older posts" to see this one!

Welcome back!