Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let The Harvest Begin

Our garden is growing like gangbusters out there. We even have our first zucchini ready for feasting upon.

The tomatoes are not far behind, either. Which is miraculous to me because as a container garderner for the last few years, I haven't had toms show up before mid-August. This is way early. Yay!

We've been picking herbs and chomping lettuce and swiss chard for weeks now and we've still got weeks left on them, too.

And very exciting to my little green thumb heart are the pumpkins we've got coming. With an October baby in the house, pumpkins are shaping up to be a big thing around here.

All in all, I'm very pleased with how everything is going.

I'm already planning what I'm going to plant next year, how I can improve things, etc, etc. I am hooked!

Happy gardening to you, M


Knatolee said...

The garden is looking fantastic!

Katharyn said...

So awesome Michele!