Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New Laundry System

I think this must be David Appreciation Week around here. That would be because he deserves to be appreciated, but also because he's an amazing man to have around the house.

Today I'm showing the wonderful new drying rack he made for our backyard.

It's up against the fence in this picture because the wind that day was brutal and kept blowing stuff all over the place, including the laundry and rack. Normally, it's more free-standing.

He based the design on one that I had had previously but was falling apart. Only he made it higher, faster, stronger. Okay, well higher and stronger, anyway.

I love it! The minute I saw my new drying rack, I just knew I had to make a clothes pin bag to go with it.

This little piece of garden fabric was a thrift store find from my mom. I whipped it up into a pin bag in a figure-it-out-as-you-go kind of way. No pattern, just an idea in my head, now on a hanger!

Now if it would just stop thundering and raining outside, we might get some laundry hung out to dry.

Happy Tuesday, M


Knatolee said...

Love the clothespin bag. Very creative!

Katharyn said...

Love, absolutely love it! Will show Paul (it's too hot for that type of project right now, but I can hope for latter can't I?)