Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scratch Beans

I have in my possession one of the coolest old cookbooks around. I say it's in my possession because it used to be my mom's highschool home economics cookbook. But my mom thinks popcorn is supper so she doesn't really use it much.

I was checking out the publisher's page and noticed that it was first printed in 1923. Seriously cool.

And it has some fabulous old recipes in it. Like the one for sourdough bread that requires the pot to be hung from the rafters above the woodstove. Tee hee.

It does have a lot of very useful recipes in it, too. Like this one for baked beans that we tried recently.

Notice the line that says to cook for 6 hours. Yup, that's what is called slooooow food.

They were mighty fine beans, though. We will definitely be making them again.

I love trying out new recipes, or even very old ones. Because we're working at eliminating all the chemical preservatives from our diet, I'm always looking for yummy things to make from scratch.

Do you have any favourite recipes you'd like to share?

Happy cooking, M


naholter said...

I love the old cook books. We have food allergies that keep us from using most prepared foods, so they are really nice to have. I don't know about the Grape Nuts sandwich filling I saw in one, but there are many really good recipes out there. My collection of old cookbooks is growing constantly.

Katharyn said...

Love it! Just love it!

I think my home made bagels from scratch hold my personal pride for home made cooking; though we recently make our own fozen chicken bits (breaded, cooked but only just etc...). They weren't perfect so the concept needs a little tweeking, but that I know we're just getting chicken and breading makes me feel great! (and they were significantly cheeper too!)

I go back and forth from the old Betty Crocker Cook Book (the orange one from the 70's) which I was raised with, and and old Joy of Cooking (white thing from the 50's) that Paul was raised with. The Joy of cooking includes skinning and butchering instructions!